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If you’re concerned about the environment, you can shop for organic trousers and shorts.  If you’re worried about sweatshops and fair trade, then choosing for Fairtrade cotton trousers and shorts is one way you can make a real difference. And if you’re a real green clothing fan, you’re able to choose hemp trousers and shorts that are mixed with organic cotton so they’re soft to the touch. There’s no doubt though that whatever ethical issues you care about, our range of organic pants and fair trade trousers will cater for all tastes.

But we realise that fashion has to be fashionable and not just ethical. So that’s why we’ve searched all over to find the best selection of straight leg trousers, relaxed casual trousers, carpenter style trousers and both smart and casual shorts.  Across more than 40 menswear brands, you can find flattering trousers and shorts for every shape and every occasion. What’s more, you’ll be amazed to the story behind each pair of trousers and shorts, whether that is supporting organic cotton production in one place or a fair trade clothing supplier in another.